Motivation and Strategy

Before starting anything professionally or personally, I have this habit of doing some research – not exactly research but to google – about it and go through information from experienced candidates. This is same like reading reviews before you buy an item online. Frankly speaking I would’ve gone through more than 50+ different blogs/videos related to this exam and did a thorough ‘so called’ research. I came across some very good blog posts and a big thanks to all those who have put some very good info in internet. I took a note of positives, negatives, different approaches, strategies from all those. Their success stories also motivated me a lot.

Now coming to me, right form my childhood I never used to like group studies. I cannot read for long hours. I generally like reading with many breaks and also like to switch between subjects because I get bored if I read the same subject for long time (except for the day before exam). Obviously this factor used to separate me from my group and for this reason I used to have my own study plan almost since 5th standard.

Also, what I understood from many toppers is that a good plan, approach or strategy of one person may not necessarily fit in well for the other. Because every individual is different and his capabilities are different. Certain factors like grasping power, memory power, preparation while working, unable to read continuously, Egineering background will play an important role while designing Strategy. Obviously all these factors will be rarely same for two individuals. My understanding is that strategy is mostly ‘one for one’ and not ‘one for many’.

So, considering the above, I have to say that designing my own plan for studying is the best approach. This whole exercise of mine before starting preparation was a good one and gave me a fair idea of what UPSC CSE is. It taught me below points which are important for my preparation.

  • Keeping UPSC CSE vast syllabus in mind, it is more important to know ‘What to read and What not to’
  • A bird in hand is better than two in the bush i.e. It is better to read a topic from one source rather than reading from many sources.

Soon, I am going to design my strategy and will post it.


2 thoughts on “Motivation and Strategy

  1. All the best for the exam. It seems as though you’ll be listing BLOGGING in your hobbies section prior to the UPSC interview phase….so, hope that you come out of the first two phases with flying colours. 🙂

    njoy lyfe ollways!!!

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